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210 Deer Hill Rd,
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Welcome to Camp

RSM @ Sunapee!
Camp Sunapee is an overnight camp designed to nurture an excitement for learning - from mathematics to art to outdoor activities. Our concentration on academics, math and critical thinking skills makes Camp Sunapee a fun alternative to summer school for high school and elementary students.


Kids can spend two or four weeks at Camp Sunapee, located in an enchantingly secluded cove on a spring-fed lake. We're in the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region of New Hampshire.

Camp Sunapee devotes more than 160 acres of pristine forest land, meadows, hills and hiking trails, tennis and basketball courts, water front and facilities to more than 25 structured programs.

Camp Features

  • 150 acres of woods
  • Gorgeous nature for hikes and camping
  • A beautiful lake for swimming
  • Canoeing and boating
  • 2 tennis courts
  • 1 basketball court
  • Volleyball courts
  • Pottery and art studios
  • Private mirrored dance studio
  • 2 theater stages for performances
Camp Sunapee



At Camp Sunapee, kids participate in a rotating, balanced schedule that includes our distinguished program in mathematics, as well as drama, archery, arts & crafts, pottery, cycling, soccer, kayaking, rowing, swimming, wrestling, dance, photography, and overnight hiking. 


Our Philosophy

We foster a unique camp environment of friendship, integrity and emotional intelligence. Campers form strong friendships, often returning year after year and eventually becoming counselors in training (CITs) and counselors. We're an educational and fun option for students looking for a general summer camp or math camp.


Camp Cabin

Sunapee Camp: Summer 2013

Camp Location:
210 Deer Hill Rd,
Springfield, NH 03284
See Directions
Mailing Address:
PO BOX 177
Georges Mills, NH 03751


Registration date1 Session (2 Weeks)2 Sessions (4 Weeks)
Before October 15th$1930Sign Up$3330Sign Up
After October 15th$2130Sign Up$3660Sign Up

Registration includes online Application and Deposit which is deducted from Tuition.


Deposit must accompany each application in order to reserve your spot.

1 session: $350

2 sessions: $700

Registration without deposit is not complete. Deposit is not refundable.

Tuition Payments

Tuition payments are due in full by March 15, 2018.

Please make checks payable to RSM Camp. Send payments to:

RSM Camp
200 Wells Ave.,
Newton MA 02459

Please contact us before February 15th if you need to arrange a payment plan.


Counselor Helpers will receive 50% off tuition.
CIT will receive $50 off one session tuition and $100 off the whole season tuition.

Packing List

When packing your child for our camp please be reminded of the following:

This is an outdoor camp, and the weather is unpredictable. It could be hot, very hot, cold, very cold, and it could also be wet. Your child must be ready for any weather conditions.

Nighttime: your child should be ready for both 49 F and 90 F nights. This means he or she should have a sleeping bag that will keep him or her warm and a light blanket for warmer nights.

Sun: Please BUY your child a hat that he (especially she) likes and please MARK it clearly. We do play a lot of sports under the sun and we need to be protected.

Water: we will not let campers use bottled water this year (like poland springs). They create an unnecessary expense for you and a lot of garbage on the campground. Please pack your child a good water bottle and MARK it clearly. Camp has excellent water, that your child can use to fill his or her water bottle a couple of times per day.

Rain: An umbrella doesn't work in the camp environment. Make sure your child has rubber boots (sneakers will be soaked in minutes) and a rain jacket ( a few $1 ponchos will do too).

Outdoor trips: we go on many hikes and canoe trips. Every child should have a backpack to take with them on these trips; you do not have to buy a new one, their normal school backpacks are good enough.

Our girl campers tend to bring a lot with them. But they do not need more than: 12 t-shirts, 5 shorts, 2 good sweatshirts, 2 jeans and one pair of sweatpants. They need only one formal dress, and no make up please. It's an outdoor camp, not a beauty contest. Even if we had one, it would be impossible to choose the winner. They are all truly beautiful kids without even trying.

One last word of experience. Please label everything, even shoes. After camp anything not labeled is donated. Usually we have enough to pack a full truck.

You can download a full packing list here.

Camp Policies

Campers are NOT allowed to bring food or cell phones onto camp premises. We believe strongly in the rationale behind these rules, and hope that a comprehensive explanation of their existence will help you understand why your cooperation in helping your children follow these rules is so important.

Camp Policy on Food:

Our camp is largely an outdoor camp, this means it is only slightly removed from the animals that live around it. The reality of this situation is that any food in the cabins has and will continue to attract pests into the cabins and the surrounding areas. These pests can include anything from mice, which carry diseases, to bears, which pose an obvious threat.

Another common problem associated with food is litter. As a community, we all value the beauty of the camp and the opportunity it gives us to escape into an absolutely serene and pure environment. Due to the loads of food campers bring in with them either at the beginning of the session, or during parent visiting days – we spend the majority of camp clean up picking up trash from the forest, and gum from the tennis courts.

While you may worry for your child’s diet at camp, we assure you that every child is fed as much as he or she needs at each meal every day. Furthermore, we supply a light afternoon and evening snack. We fully believe that it is possible and reasonable for every camper to subsist solely off of the food offered in the cafeteria. As a result, we ask that you, as parents, assist us by ensuring that your children not bring any extra candy or snacks with them into the camp.

Camp Policy on Cell Phones:

In camp, we believe that we create a sort of utopia: an environment where children are able to escape from the pressures of their every day life. “Cool” is redefined, life is simplified, and children are able to relax and be themselves.

Cell phones truly ruin that utopia. When children have an outlet to the outside world, we find it nearly impossible to maintain the isolation which makes the environment of camp a possibility. It’s that environment which your family is drawn to year after year, and it is that environment that we are steadfast on preserving. Please be aware that if your child has an Iphone, it will be treated like a cell phone, not an Mp3 player.

We have had a no-cell-phone policy for many years now, and it has been continuously disregarded. As such, we have decided to slightly modify this rule:

1. All cell phones found in the possession of campers (including CITs and CHs) will not be returned to their owners this year.

2. All phones found will be sold on eBay with proceeds donated to an Israeli charity in the owner’s family name.

3. The only exception to this policy is for children who are traveling by plane – these phones will be taken upon arrival to camp and returned at the end of camp.

4. If you are unable to visit your child on visiting day he/she will be allowed to call home.

Your and your child’s compliance to these policies will help to improve and preserve the environment we look forward to each year.


Contact a Camper

Mail: PO BOX 177, Georges Mills, NH 03751
(603) 763-4074 (For emergencies only, while the Camp is in session)

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